You know those people that always say “It’s so hard to write/talk/post about yourself”? Yeah, they really weren’t joking. But that’s what I’ve signed up to do, so here we go…

Hi! My name’s Jessica (but literally everyone calls me Jess) Oehm and I am a first year student at the University of Wollongong studying a Bachelor of Media and Communications/Bachelor of Arts. Nice to meet you!

Rather than spend 300 words telling you where I grew up (Wagga Wagga – born and raised) and what school I went to (Kooringal High School), I thought I’d introduce you to 3 key things that are essential to the ‘Jess Oehm Starter Pack’. Let’s get started:

Starter Pack
All the essentials required to be me

1. Performing Arts + Music

I’ve always been involved in performing in some way since I was 5 and to say I love being on stage would be an understatement. I took drama classes for 10 years through primary school and high school, performing in small productions with other kids. When I went to high school, I quickly got involved in the annual musicals, and that’s when my love of performing extended to music. I acted and sung in every musical from year 7 to 12, as well as performing solo and in ensembles for other school functions. Music has always been an ‘escape’ for me, and being able to perform both music and theatre for other people is just an extension of my love for it.

2. YouTube

I believe YouTube and YouTubers go through phases, and my interest in them has been no different. I’ve always watched YouTube in some way, however the actual YouTubers I watch are constantly changing. I’ve had (and continue to have) a Troye Sivan phase, I once binge watched every Tyler Oakley, Zoella and Connor Franta video and I am still deeply invested in the Dan and Phil ‘Phandom’ (including spending over $200 on meeting them – totally worth it). As well as these guys, I’ve watched my fair share of Vine compilations, music videos and fan theory videos. If you ever wanted to find me, your best bet would be that I’m holed up somewhere wasting hours on YouTube (what can ya do?)

3. My Phone

At a year 12 function, I was voted ‘Most likely to walk into a wall whilst texting’ and believe me, that is not an understatement. Whilst I may not always be texting, it is very rare to find me anywhere without my phone, and I am constantly snapchatting, instagramming and facebooking. Some may call me ‘anti-social’ but I just tell them I am being social, just not with you. In the new technological age we live in, I think it’s important to always be connected to the broader, online world (which is part of the reason I chose my degree – but that’s another post) and my phone is the easiest way to stay connected, hence why it’s always with me.


So there you have it. That’s me in a nutshell. I’m sure you’ll continue to learn more about me in later posts, but for now, that’s everything you need to know to understand me.

Catch ya on the flip side,

Jess x





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