There’s Something About Beyoncé…

I have to begin this weeks blog with a disclaimer. I’ve always thought of Beyoncé as overrated. But I am also (somewhat) proud to say that after listening to her Lemonade’ album on repeat for the last few days, I have been converted. Her catchy songs and distinguishable persona make her almost an enigma, someone to be idolised.

Given this, when posing the question ‘Does Beyoncé matter?’, perhaps it shouldn’t be a question of does Beyoncé matter, but rather why Beyoncé matters. For this, I’m going to focus on her 2016 visual album ‘Lemonade‘.

Queen Bey’s 2016 musical offering has been often praised for its approach to tackling some of the biggest issues within society; feminism and race.

Beyoncé has certainly tackled the issue of feminism in her music prior to ‘Lemonade’, but in the 2016 album, her portrayal of feminism becomes more about the female identity and the ways in which women are represented rather than being a feminist in the general sense. On ‘Hold Up’  Beyoncé repeats the lyric “jealous or crazy” before she eventually decides ” More like being walked all over lately, walked all over lately, I’d rather be crazy”. This anger is something that is rarely expressed by women across all walks of life, usually for fear of being labelled as ‘crazy’ or ‘hysterical’. Because of Beyoncé’s position of power in the music industry, her addressing of such an issue in regards to feminism makes her audience stand up and pay attention. 

hold up

When her addressing of feminist issues is paired with racial themes, ‘Lemonade’ becomes almost targeted to Beyoncé’s black, female audience. The lead single ‘Formation shows Beyoncé’s embracement of her racial identity whilst singing “I like my negro nose with Jackson Five nostrils” along with other racially themed lyrics. All of this is an example of Beyoncé using her platform for good, by bringing attention  to issues and ideas that matter to society on global scale, starting a much needed conversation.

formation gif

In a more industrial sense, Beyoncé continually ‘breaks the rules’. ‘Lemonade’ was not her first outing with a ‘surprise’ release, with 2013’s ‘Beyonce’ (again, complete with full accompanying visuals) breaking iTunes records within 3 days.

hair flip .gif

Following in Beyoncé’s footsteps, other artists such as Rihanna, Drake and Kendrick Lamar have also released albums without any promotion. Whilst ‘Lemonade’ didn’t have the full benefit of ‘surprise’ due to it being announced by HBO a week prior to its airing, it was still ground-breaking for the industry. Beyoncé initially released the album as a ‘Tidal’ exclusive for 24 hours, something which is not generally done by artists. As well as this, she debuted the visual aspect of the album in an hour long broadcast on cable network HBO, bypassing the generic routes of YouTube or MTV

Ultimately, Beyoncé’s importance to not only the music industry but society as a whole, lies in her choice to unapologetically always be herself and stand up for what she believes in. So in response to my initial question, yes, Beyoncé does matter and we should all take notice.

Catch ya on the flip side,

Jess x



6 thoughts on “There’s Something About Beyoncé…

  1. I love this! The way you commented on how you thought Beyonce was overrated but after delving into the deeper meanings you have converted, really highlighted why she matters so much and it really sets the contextual background for the post. The point of difference that this post has over others is like I mentioned before, not does she matter but why she matters. Touching on topics like feminism and racial issues is a really good way to spark debate and I have to agree that her importance is much higher than just the music industry and definitely more to society as a whole!

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  2. I think it is so important to see a fresh perspective when talking about the relevance and hype around Beyonce. Many other posts I have read have been centralised solely on how she does matter rather and how she is “Queen”. I also really loved how you reframed the question on does Beyonce matter to why she matters. The fact that you have brought topics such as feminism and racism is also a differing factor from many posts and allows a conversation to occur around these ideas. I think you have created a post that is not only informative but allows for debate and conversation. I would love to see something like this again with other artists that you mentioned like Rihanna and Drake.

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  3. Honestly this is one of the best posts I’ve seen for this topic. So many people just ramble about how great she is but not really providing a solid reason why. I love that you flipped the perspective onto others and really described why she’s important. I have learnt from this myself, not being a huge Beyoncé finatic, I didn’t understand her underlying messages of embracing that she is a women of colour. I think you would find this an interesting read as it really highlights the cultural issue you spoke about earlier. My only suggestion would be maybe to include some else’s opinion on the topic, maybe a news article to emphasise your point more. Overall loved this though!

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  4. This post was very inspiring! You displayed a lot of significant information related to the topic at hand and I also thought that you did it in a very concise and relatable manner. The use of GIFs also kept me engaged and your insight in the album ‘Lemonade’ makes me want to listen to it myself. I also appreciated how you manipulated the question into Why Beyonce Matters. I think to further illustrate your point however, it would have been interesting for you to point out the work Beyonce has done on television and across other media’s other than her album. All in all, fantastic effort and a great read!

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  5. I love how you wrote about her points in feminism and race. In todays society it doesn’t get spoken about enough! We pressure public figures, such as Beyonce, to come out to the public and stand up for what is morally and politically correct – and when this happens, no one notices it! Good on you for pin pointing these very important messages within the “lemonade” album and pulling it apart and analysing. I really enjoyed the way you put your blog together, it’s very interesting and intriguing. Bringing in other artists such as Kendrick Lamar invites a whole new audience to be engaged in your work, well done!

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  6. This was a very informative, open-minded discussion. In today’s society with the access that we have to celebrities like Beyoncé, I can see the importance to take the individual for the ideologies they are promoting, not necessarily the preconceived notions one might have formed because they are disinterested in the celebrity or their brand. What other female celebrities have you noticed rising up to take on such significant social issues in the current political-social climate?

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