How Different We Would Be Without Disney

What if we didn’t have copyright laws? What if anyone could copy someone else’s work and play it off as their own? The internet would likely be a very different environment…

When it comes down to it, we really have Disney to thank for the extensive copyright laws that are in place today. When the character of Mickey Mouse was about to become available in the public sphere, Disney decided that this just wasn’t an option, and so now we have monopoly and copyright laws that extend until long after an author’s death.

This doesn’t stop content creators though, if anything, the volume of people creating their own content based on another person’s and distributing it for public consumption has increased. Fanfiction and fan art are two of the most popular forms of ‘recreation’ however there is also cover versions, spin offs and music remixes.

Take this audio clip for example. Whilst some of the melody might be recognisable if you listen really carefully, the edits that have been made to the original audio clips have made the songs virtually unidentifiable. But it is still a form of remix (just not a very good one).

So whilst copyright laws have made it harder for people to make their own content, it certainly hasn’t stopped them altogether.

Catch ya on the flip side,

Jess x

3 thoughts on “How Different We Would Be Without Disney

  1. Hey Jess, I have invested a lot of my time into your blog post and it highly captivated by your ideologies on the complex ‘media industries’ and their intentions. You have clearly stated the fact that embedded in all media there is a touch of copyright, we are a society of copyright and we depend on memeplex to create entertainment and content. I love the way you have applied a hypothetical thought ‘what if there were no copyright laws’ this brings upon such a complex but broad topic to talk about.

    So fascinated ! well done.


  2. Hiya Jess,
    This blog post was thoroughly engaging, I really liked how you started out the post with some bold hypothetical questions, and then moved into the content of the post.
    The Disney music remix was a great example, and very well done, way better than I could do anyways haha!
    The overall format of the post was clearly thought out; starting hook, main information/statement, finishing point and your sign off.
    If I had to give any criticism, I personally would have liked to learn more about how the internet would likely have been a very different environment with examples/hypothesising e.t.c. however that’s just a personal thing.
    Very engaging, and extremely well done!


  3. You actually make a really good point – copyright laws haven’t completely stopped people from recreating or using other’s content – its just made it harder! Its really interesting you say that, because often we are of the opinion that these laws prevent the generation of good content. Your post is awesome- I would just recommend including some sources backing this point about copyright laws- this article really helped me make sense of it all: .


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