How to get to the Top of the Stack: An Idiot’s Guide to Getting ‘Noticed’ on Twitter

As a fangirl, it has always been a dream of mine to be ‘noticed’ by one of my ‘faves’ on Twitter. Whilst that might sound lame (and to be honest, it kind of is) being noticed is a big deal in the fandom world. But being noticed doesn’t just happen and there a few steps you must take to make it to the top of the fandom stack.

1. Own a device

This step is crucial. Without a laptop or smart phone, you don’t have access to Twitter, and it’s pretty hard to get noticed if you’re not even on Twitter.

2. Download Twitter and make an account.

Again, this step is crucial. What you make your Twitter account about is up to you, but generally people have accounts based around their love for a particular person or thing, which makes it a lot easier to get noticed.

3. Get followers

Accounts with more followers are likely to appear further up in a person’s feed and so are therefore more likely to be noticed. It’s just common sense.

4. Reply to EVERYTHING

This step can only be completed when you have completed all other steps. You must reply to everything your ‘fave’ tweets in the first thirty seconds after they tweet it, otherwise you have no chance of that elusive notice.

5. Repeat step 4 until you are successful

Now, all you can do is continually tweet at your ‘fave’ and hope that one day they take notice of you. And when they do, that is when you have officially made it to the top of the fandom stack.

Catch ya on the flip side,

Jess x

3 thoughts on “How to get to the Top of the Stack: An Idiot’s Guide to Getting ‘Noticed’ on Twitter

  1. Hi Jess,

    You’re doing well with your blog for a first year, the content of your opinion pieces based on the lectures are unique, I appreciate your voice coming across in your writing. The blog you’ve written itself is a stack isn’t it? I’m commenting on this piece you’ve written and that is a part of the systematic ‘stacks’ ideology. We wouldn’t have beneficial recommendations if the inefficient stacks weren’t pointed out therefor, I applaud you for utilising a series of steps to garner more followers. This effort is efficient, timely and something that will be read through with ease. I feel that this blog post would have been more informative if you’d included a hyperlink to another relevant source on online presences or even to your own twitter page. Links help allude the thought that a statement holds higher importance to the topic being discussed.

    In retrospect, I’m learning from your stack by essentially creating my own stack of thoughts, this could benefit you from my perspective. I’m glad you got the response you wanted, you tried without fail and finally it happened, what a stack of a process!


  2. I think the way you have written about stacks is really unique and engaging! You have taken a spin on what we learnt in the lectures and made ‘stacks’ apart of your life. The fact that the post is comedic, I think is refreshing and allows for a really good engagement with the audience. I’ll definitely be taking your advice and hopefully will be noticed myself haha


  3. I don’t know about anyone else but i can relate to this 100% .I like the way you have structured your writing using the steps to make this an easy and entertaining read. You really seem to know what your are talking about, and i’m glad to see the evidence you supplied with the reply you received. Maybe a little more use of the weeks topic could further the post, but this was a great use of your own perspective.


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