From There to Here and Beyond

Earliest versions of the internet have been around for literally centuries. The first commercial electric telegraph was sent in 1837, which can be largely considered to be the starting point in terms of technological advancements of what we know as the internet today. But how on earth did we as a society go from sending telegraphs in morse code which could take hours to translate to communicating through social media in milliseconds?

That’s an answer that can’t be given in 150 words so I’m not going to attempt. Our society today is so heavily reliant on the internet that it could be considered a little bit ridiculous, however it hasn’t always been like this

week 2 meme - internet.jpg









In the early days of the internet as we know it today, not everybody had access to it. Although this ‘big and exciting’ advancement was initially made years ago, its value has only really been realised in recent years as everybody in the world gradually gains access. And it’s true, until everyone has access to the internet (even those in third world countries and societies) it will continue to remain somewhat of a curiosity.

Catch ya on the flip side,

Jess x