Every Action Has a Reaction

You might be forgiven I’m talking about physics, but no, I’m talking about media. More specifically managing and curating media content. In a society were anyone can make and distribute content, this rule of science has found a new home describing the process that creators use to improve their content

feedback loop

Funnily enough, Newton’s balls can be used as a metaphor to describe just aboutĀ anything, but we’re going to talk about it in terms of coordinating media content. Initially, a decision has to be made to lift the first ball and begin the swinging motion, which then travels through what we can call a ‘feedback loop’ until it reaches the other end where a result is reached, before it happens all over again. No matter how high the first ball is lifted before being let go, there will always be a reaction at the other end.

This is a typical process throughout media practices, particularly when coordinating a larger information network.

Catch ya on the flip side,

Jess x


One thought on “Every Action Has a Reaction

  1. Feedback loop is a super important part of any media project. Being able to understand what the people engaging with that media are saying and understanding their opinions and standpoints help to push online content creators further, gradually refining their work over time. An interesting though is how, at least as far as I can think of, there is only one real source of online media that doesn’t involve any kind of feedback loop; Propaganda (and what ever the non fear tactic version of propaganda is). Just goes to show that these feedback loops have become so common it is considered bad not to make use of one.


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