Ideating – The Birth of ‘Just Music’

You might be wondering why all of a sudden I have started posting (somewhat regularly) about music? Well, the answer to that is simple. I have decided to create a ‘side blog’ about music from my usual media blog for my Digital Artefact (or DA). 

Why a music blog?

After completing BCM112 last semester, it was clear to me that I would not be continuing my (failed) DA that I began in that class. This is for a few reasons; 1. I was not able to create the content that I originally intended because of time constraints, equipment access and just my own motivation, 2. It was difficult to create an audience (I didn’t realise how niche of an audience musical theatre generated) and 3. I just completely lost interest in it.

From this realisation, I knew that I had to create something new, and quickly too. Music has always been something close to my heart, and is also the area of journalism and media that I would one day love to get into. Over the semester break I published a blog post about my 5 favourite albums, and I was able to generate some interest in that, so decided it was worth the risk of attempting to continue tapping into this audience for my DA. And thus ‘Just Music’ was born.

What’s been happening so far?

So far, I have published 5 posts under the overarching title of “Just Music”, and all have them have generated pleasing feedback given the beginning nature of the blog. After posting The Most Splendid of Splendour“, one of the bands reviewed, Cub Sport, reposted the article on their personal Instagram story, cubbies.jpg

which definitely helped to draw audience to that post in particular and therefore the blog overall. Other blog posts have also drawn feedback which is helping to develop my writing style and ways of promoting the blog.

Why does this work?

This DA ticks all the boxes that my failed one from last semester didn’t, namely those of FEFO (Fail Early, Fail Often) and FIST (Fast, Inexpensive, Simple, Tiny). With my DA last semester, I was initially scared to put out content, meaning that I didn’t actually put out any content for public access until the later weeks of the semester. This definitely did not follow the idea of FEFO; I was too scared to fail in the first place, so I didn’t even get the opportunity to do it early. With this DA, I have been attempting to put out content on a regular basis, more so for the purpose of bettering my own skills rather than being successful. In terms of FIST, I 100% overestimated my abilities (and my bank account)with my ambitions last semester, meaning that it didn’t fit any of the ideals of FIST. By changing to “Just Music” I can now follow these ideals; writing blog posts on a topic I love can be done super fast, the blog is free to run and maintain, when you’re writing about something you love, it’s easy and blog posts don’t have to be long, which also contributes to the ‘fast’ factor. On top of all of this, by keeping all of my writing together, both on music and media, I am able to create a sort of portfolio of work, which I will be able to keep together and use in future years when looking for employment.

What’s Next?

In terms of blogging regularly, my plan is to post weekly ‘New Music Friday’ posts, showcasing new music released that week and ‘Monthly Musical Moments’ posts, showcasing all the big music moments across the month as well as reviews and profiles of any other music, artists or events in the music industry that capture my interest. As well as this, I am going to begin writing for media website ‘Volume Media‘ as a way of bettering my skills and growing my presence across the industry (stay tuned for that). This is only the beginning of Just Music!

Catch ya on the flip side,

Jess x


4 thoughts on “Ideating – The Birth of ‘Just Music’

  1. It’s always great to pick a topic that you love and I don’t think you’ll ever run out of content when it comes to music! Sounds like an awesome idea to have consistent days of the week and month with thematic posts so that your audience can be aware of and look forward to what’s coming up.
    Would you consider pairing your blog with some social media? This could draw in more of an audience through different channels and also allow you to promote your blog posts. Whether it be Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, anything! You’ll be able to interact directly with the audience and receive feedback through these channels. This Ted Talk is pretty useful in demonstrating the benefits of creating relationships, building a brand and utilising these free tools –
    Or, if you don’t have 17 mins to spare, this article sums it up really well –
    Also, not sure if you may have done this already, but, it could be cool to have a SoundCloud or Spotify where you can create playlists or share music in that way. Maybe a themed monthly playlist, or the hottest music of that month? Like I said, you’ll never run out of content!
    Loving what you’ve got so far and can’t wait to see what else is to come!


    1. Oh my god, in my haste to get my post done, I totally forgot to include that! I actually have started an Instagram ( to help generate audience and I’m currently just using my personal Spotify to create playlists and embed them in the blog posts. Thank you for reminding me!


  2. Hahaha happy to help! Although your Instagram is obviously really new, it is great to engage with the audiences of pages that are similar to your own. I found that as soon as I started to comment and interact with like-minded pages, my following really picked up!
    I know with my own digital artefact it was great to post in groups and pages of a similar vein. Maybe you could share you work on Reddit ( or Facebook ( ? This would enable you to connect with people within the music industry, as well as music lovers in general.
    I’m in the process of adding a podcast to my own DA and think I need to take your advice in terms of FEFO. It’s so great to just start getting content out there and seeing what works. Have you struggled at all to keep up with all of the different platforms? I’ve never uploaded my own audio content to Spotify or Podbean so it could be a fun FEFO time for me while I explore these platforms…
    Keep doing your thing and see what happens! I think that’s what BCM114 is all about!


  3. You’ve got a great DA here Jess, because most importantly it’s something you enjoy and it’s FIST. When this is the case, you are able to more comfortably churn out content and worrying about numbers/follows/clicks comes second. I’ve done the same with my DA’s for 114 and 206 to keep myself motivated and on top of my work, linking it to my interests and hobbies in gaming/photography. Your music blog posts are laid out nicely and I like that the songs are embedded in a Spotify player so we can give them a listen as we read your reviews and thoughts. Your Instagram page is looking great also, though there are few posts at the moment the two on there are aesthetically harmonious and if this pattern is kept up then the grid view of your page will attract many people to your account and subsequently bring more traffic to your blog. I’m also hoping to achieve this kind of look with my Instagram by using consistent filters and colour palettes.

    Something else to comment on is your branding and the utility of this DA as a portfolio item. Your brand is simple but effective, ie; ‘Just Jess’ and ‘Just Music’. It opens your website up to many branching opportunities, as you can continue this with your other interests. For example, if you want to have another go at tapping into that niche audience again you could do something like ‘Just Musical Theatre’ as a kind of side project, while still maintaining a congruous website layout and branding. I think that sticking to a topic you are passionate about and want to one day involve in your career means this kind of project is a perfect candidate for a portfolio piece. I’ve followed your blog and will be reading your music posts, we seem to share similar interests in music so I’m keen to read more as you post. Really enjoyed your review of Sweetener. Catch ya.


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