The Death of Legacy Media

The way we produce and consume content is forever changing. What could once be considered difficult to create, access and remediate is now easy than ever with the exponential rise of the internet and all the forums it presents.

Spotify has taken the place of traditional music forms like CDs and the radio. Netflix has become the go-to for watching TV shows and movies. Amazon has transformed the way we shop, completely normalising the concept of online shopping. YouTube has managed to create an entire platform which allows anyone and everyone to create and consume content.

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But why has the new age of internet mediums overrun legacy media? There are two main reasons. Media created on the internet usually requires little to no cost to both create and consume and is not filtered based on quality. In comparison, legacy media can cost quite a lot to produce, which leads to a cost to consume, which means that a quality filter is placed on it so only content that will formulate a revenue is produced.

It is this difference that is causing the rise of the internet and the death of legacy media.

Catch ya on the flip side,

Jess x

3 thoughts on “The Death of Legacy Media

  1. Hey Jess! You have described the death of legacy media and the new age of internet mediums in such an easy to understand way that anybody, studying this subject or not, could understand it.
    I personally rely very heavily on the internet for all the things you mentioned, Netflix, Spotify etc. and very rarely turn to legacy media for things such as watching TV or reading news and agree that the reason for this turn to new internet mediums is mainly because of the cost to produce and consuming legacy media.
    Maybe next time you could try adding in some hyperlinks to help provide readers with more knowledge and just more optional information through your blogpost in general! 🙂


  2. I completely agree that the way people today consume and produce media is so different now compared to 10 years ago. I think your blog post is written very clearly and showcases your points in a simple manner so anyone can understand ‘The Death of Legacy Media’. I myself find that I am constantly turning to the internet for everything such as music and other entertainment forms, and your remediation displays this really well.
    Just be careful of the formatting of your posts as the image inserted has displaced the text in a bit of a weird way. Keep working on embedding sources in your posts to back up your statements! 🙂


  3. Hey Jess! I like your blog simple and straightforward! Very easy to understand! I ask this with the death of legacy media are we losing some type of environment? For example, I remember growing up and going to the video store and spending an hour with my family deciding on one movie that we all like (and by all i mean my mum, sister and I because honestly dad just wanted us to hurry up and get out of there) to home and watch. We always brought the snacks at coles and then went to the video store and got the weekly deal! Those are great memories I love and with this new generation of media are we losing that type of environment, the bonding, the arguing etc?



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