Globalisation, Media Flows and Saturation Coverage – Annotated Bibliography

Kraidy, M. 2018 ‘Global Media Studies: A Critical Agenda’ Journal of Communication, vol. 68, no. 2, pp. 337-346, viewed 26 August 2018, UOW Database

This source is relevant when discussing week 2’s topic, as it discusses changes in regard to globalisation and the like which have had an impact on the study of global media, which has had a subsequent impact on the teaching of it. The author, Marwan Kraidy, is employed by the ‘Centre for Advanced Research in Global Communication’ at the University of Pennsylvania, who else also written other pieces for the Journal of Communication and books on the topic of global media. The article was published recently, in April 2018, which means that the topics discussed in the article will maintain social utility if they were to be used as a research source now. The article makes countless references to other academic sources from the last 30 years, which assist in strengthening the arguments put forth in this article. Kraidy addresses the factors that are having a negative impact on the field of study of global media in question and finishes her arguments by advising that researchers and others in the field must ‘rise to the challenge’ and go beyond simply relearning the skills required. The source is reliable as it is was written by a qualified author and published in an accredited journal. Despite its reliability, this source would only be useful to the study of a very niche subject scope, being the teaching and studying of global media, and so would thus be almost completely useless to any one simply researching global media in general.

Rumbo, JD. 2003, ‘ Global Culture: Media, Arts, Policy and Globalization’, review of Global Culture: Media, Arts, Policy and Globalization, by D Crane, N Kawashima and K Kawasaki, Contemporary Sociology, vol. 32, no. 6, viewed 26 August 2018, UOW Database

This source is a review of a 2002 book, Global Culture: Media, Arts, Policy and Globalization, which identifies and analyses theories of globalisation in relation to media and other topics. This review provides a substantial overview of the topic matter of the actual book without going into too much detail. The author of the actual review has also been published in the same journal multiple times, largely on the topics of media and marketing. Despite the clarity of the review in providing a good outline of the original book, this source should not be used on its own without further research. The journal in which it is published is difficult to find information on, significantly damaging its reliability. As well as this, the source does not provide any further points of research, also having an impact on its reliability as none of the information in the review can be verified. This source should only be used in research as a ‘starting point’ to find other information, either from the book reviewed or from the database and journal. In this sense, this source is useful in initial stages of research but should not be relied on in the same way as a primary source.



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