Global Film: Nollywood and Korean Cinema

Onuzulike, U. 2016, ‘Audience reactions to the different aspects of Nollywood movies’, CINEJ Cinema Journal, vol. 5, no. 2, pp. 87-104, viewed 27 August 2018, UOW Database

This source juxtaposes two audiences of Nollywood cinema, Nigerians in Nigeria and South Africa respectively and discusses their perceptions of assumed favourite and disliked aspects of Nigerian productions. The source first discusses factors in regard to improvements in technology that allowed the rise of Nollywood, as well as briefly discussing some of the critique often directed towards the productions from critics. These critics are said to have issues with the quality of the films and the depiction of the supernatural in particular. The source clearly shows that the favourite and disliked aspects of the Nigerian films differed between Nigerians in Nigeria and South Africa. According to the research conducted, Nigerians in Nigeria identified culture, reality and quality as their favourite aspects, whilst those in South Africa identified culture, humour and morals and lessons as their favourite aspects. In regard to disliked aspects, Nigerians in Nigeria identified the quality, repetitiveness and piracy and those in South Africa said they disliked the quality, depictions of supernatural features and romance in the films. All of these likes and dislikes of the films described within the source are backed up by direct quotes from Nigerians in both Nigeria and South Africa, supporting their perspectives. The research therefore found that the audiences geographical location had an impact on how they interpreted and perceived Nollywood Films. The source also compares its own findings to those of research done prior, and provides credible references to support this. Overall, the source is highly useful in determining perceptions of Nollywood cinema from those who are most familiar with it and is reliable as it provides extensive evidence from credible sources to support its claims.

Ososanya, O. 2018, ‘African Cinema: Which way to go?’, The Guardian, 26 August, viewed 27 August 2018,

This news article recently published in the Nigerian Guardian discusses why Nollywood is finding more success than other film industries within Africa, as well as questioning why it is still finding limited success out of Africa. The article is written by a former lecturer in Directing and Filmmaking from the University of Limpopo, meaning that they have specific knowledge from the film industry that allows them to make claims about the success of Nollywood that should be seen as credible. The article highlights specific issues which are suspected to be having an impact on the success of the African film industry as a whole, including a lack of mentorship and financing and distribution issues. As a whole, the article looks to identify the problems within Nollywood and other African film industries that are restricting its success and poses solutions, as well as urging those within the industries to change the manner with which they work so as to overcome these challenges. The source is useful in providing a more critical argument against Nollywood and African cinema.


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