New Music Friday – 31/8/18

With the wave of warmer weather incoming, pop music is reigning supreme in the fight to chase the winter blues away. With new albums from some of Australia’s brightest music stars, single drops from classic favourites and a flood of festival news.

Troye Sivan is back and he demands our attention

Since the release of his debut album all the way back in 2015, Troye Sivan has cemented himself as one of the ‘ones to watch’ of the decade in the world of pop music. As somewhat of a ‘gay icon’, Sivan has made a triumphant return with the release of his second full length album, ‘Bloom‘, which has been hotly anticipated by fans and critics alike. Gone are the heartbroken tones and wishful thinking of his debut ‘Blue Neighbourhood’ and they’ve been replaced by unapologetic declarations of his experiences with sexuality, love and relationships. The record opener ‘Seventeen’ discusses Sivan’s experiences with Grindr at a young age, previously released ‘The Good Side’ helps to leave behind the heartbreak of ‘Blue Neighbourhood’ in an apology for a previous heartbreak and laments about the perfection of his current relationship in ‘What a Heavenly Way to Die’. In Tweets and in interviews, Sivan has named his personal favourite from the album as ‘Plum’ an exploration of how even beautiful things ie. a relationship, can turn sour, told through 80s inspired synths and fruit metaphors. Reviews from the likes of NME, Billboard and Rolling Stone have pegged ‘Bloom’ as one of the best pop albums of 2018. Troye Sivan is here and he’s not going anywhere for a long time yet.

Sounds like: An 80s inspired electropop dream mixed with lyrical metaphors and declarations of love

Listen to when: you feel the need to dance around your room before falling into bed and crying over some of the slower songs

Highlights: ‘Postcard (feat. Gordi)’, ‘Plum’, ‘Seventeen’ and ‘Animal’

No Rome goes from no name to centre stage

The final song ‘Narcissist’ off of Dirty Hit signed No Rome’s first EP ‘RIP Indo Hisashi’ has made a splash, with the track featuring The 1975’s Matty Healy and George Daniel. The song definitely has the feel of a The 1975 record, particularly when Healy takes over on main vocals in the second verse. As far as debuts go, No Rome’s is definitely promising and it’s certain that we’ll be hearing a lot from him in years to come.

Sounds like: The 1975 meets

Listen to When: You want to listen to The 1975. Seriously it could be on a The 1975 album and no one would bat an eyelid.

The Wombats definitely aren’t allergic to bees

The Wombats have seemingly only just left Australia and they’ll be back again in November, armed with a brand new single. Their latest offering ‘Bee-sting’ fits right in with the vibes of their February album, ‘Beautiful People Will Ruin You Life”, something which it means it will be inserted seamlessly into their setlists when they return later in the year. If you’re a Wombats fan, this track should definitely satisfy your needs until they release their next album.

Sounds like: A swarm of bees in a recording studio, but in a good way

Listen to when: Game day. Seriously the ‘bees’ sound like the horns at a football game

The flood of NYE festival announcements isn’t slowing down

This week has seen a wave of festival line ups being dropped left right and centre for the New Years period. With Perth’s ‘Origin Fields’ line up dropping nearly two weeks ago, ‘Beyond the Valley’ and ‘Field Day’ line ups revealed in the last two week and the ‘Falls Festival’ finally dropping today, there is only one line up left to come, New South Wales’ ‘Lost Paradise’, expected to come in the near future. Stay tuned for a post helping you to decide what NYE music festival experience is right for you (coming as soon as the Lost Paradise line up drops.

That’s it for winter, see you in Spring.

Catch ya on the flip side,

Jess x

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