Walled Gardens: Not Just for Pretty Pictures

When it comes to the internet, a ‘walled garden’ is a used to describe a network such as Facebook or Amazon which aggregates and controls access to content.

Generally, these ‘walled gardens’ embody a number of key characteristics. The content is always curated by the network, meaning that everything is preselected for a purpose. The content within the ‘walled garden’ is somewhat protected from open internet, including hackers and undesirable content, essentially creating a pure space. When it comes to ‘gardens’ like Facebook, a lot of people engage with it because they are of the mentality that everyone else is doing so already. The final key factor is the degree of normality that being a part of these ‘walled gardens’ brings; it’s what we know and what were used to, so therefore, were going to stick to it.

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But if the internet is supposed to be an open platform, placing all of the restrictions on the content produced changes the internet into something which can’t really be considered the internet in it purest form. So this raises the question; why do we continue to engage in these kinds of networks if we are no longer able to use the internet as it was intended?

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2 thoughts on “Walled Gardens: Not Just for Pretty Pictures

  1. I think the reason the masses continue to engage with these ‘walled gardens’ is because of, as you’ve noted, the normality of this kind of usage. It’s also about trust and convenience for some. Many people like to stick with what is familiar and they know will work, rather than taking a leap into the unknown. But then, in saying that, by browsing just these services there’s a lot of untapped potential and hidden limitations. For example, with an Apple/iOS device you’re limited to only downloading apps from Apple’s official app store, which filters out quite a lot content you could otherwise have accessed on your phone. With that said, Apple does have some really neat iOS exclusive apps. Again though, it’d be nice if they were accessible on all devices, and not just within Apple’s walled garden…
    I like your remediation, I forgot about that movie existing hahaha. Good post 🙂


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