Apple and Android: One in the Same?

Many people can become very defensive when it comes to the Apple vs. Android debate. However, should this even be a debate at all? When it comes down to it, both manufacturers are providing users with mobile phones which allow people to connect across the world.

The only real differences come in the way the networks operate, and whether they are open or closed, in the sense of a ‘walled garden‘.

week 7

Android servers allow independent app developers and markets, has a small profit margin and has many hardware manufacturers (eg. Samsung, HTC) meaning that the competition is tough. In comparison, Apple has total control over iOS and app developers and market, experiences a huge profit margin with each sale and has only one hardware manufacturer: Apple itself.

However, what is really important about the production of these devices is the fact that they allow us to connect to a mobile internet network. Without the transition to a mobile network, the way that society functions would be totally different.

So really, the whole Apple vs. Android debate is unnecessary. Stick to what you prefer, as long as your connected, you’ll be a part of the technological society we have become.

Catch ya on the flip side,

Jess x

2 thoughts on “Apple and Android: One in the Same?

  1. I like that you’ve taken the no-nonsense approach to this debate like you said, should this even be a debate at all? It is like asking someone to compare the pros and cons of someone’s favourite colours, whatever you like you can just pick and use without shoving your opinion down someone’s throat!
    Despite Androids open software, it hasn’t stopped Apple users from jailbreaking their iPhones, which apple warns doing so will void warranty. I’m curious what features a jailbroken iPhone will give you compared to a non jailbroken one..


  2. I agree with the point you made about that this shouldn’t be a debate, or as debated as it is. Both sides have valid arguments, and simply put it’s up to the user and what they are looking for in a mobile device.

    I like the line you draw back to the walled garden notion because it is defiantly relevant. Apple controlling with such a fine tooth comb fits so well into the walled garden structure, whereas the open source nature of Android is the complete opposite. Users seem to admire the freedom that an open source device has to offer, but if that is not the desired use of the device, then a closed source is just as good. One is not better, they simply have different uses.


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