Social media is no longer just a place for holiday pics and #relatable posts. Many people, both celebrities and ordinary members of the public are using their social media accounts (primarily Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) to throw their support behind ‘hashtag revolutions’.

week 9

The above gif shows some examples of popular social justice hashtags which have generated significant support in the last few years. The thing with using these hashtags as a way of (and I use the term very loosely) revolution, is that you’re not really doing anything of great help.

Many critics of the phenomenon have referred to it as ‘slacktivism’, and honestly, they’re not far from the truth. Sure, tweeting about the #BlackLivesMatter movement shows other people that you support it and may encourage them to also support it, but really, in the long run, a few thousand tweets aren’t going to suddenly change the way black people are treated. People just like to feel like they’re doing something to help to boost their social conscience, when in reality they’re not really helping at all.

Catch ya on the flip side,

Jess x


One thought on “#SocialRevolution

  1. The Gif you have used as your remediation is really effective for this blog post as it showcases the many movements that have made such an impact on today’s society. I can see what you mean by the term ‘slacktivism’ but not sure I totally agree with it. I personally believe that many of these social media platforms have aided in these ‘revolutions’ even if it is just gaining awareness. You mention critics have commented on this phenomenon in particular and I think your blog post would aid in some resources to go along with your post. I found this article that could be of use, https://theconversation.com/slacktivism-that-works-small-changes-matter-69271


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