Top 25 Albums of the 2010s – A Definitive Ranking Based on My Obviously Correct Opinions

I have never been someone who is quiet about their opinions when it comes to music. And so as the decade comes to a close, it seems only fitting that I rank what I know to be the best albums of the 2010s.

The list began as a Top 10, but then I had way too many ‘Honourable Mentions’ and so it became a Top 25 (still with a few honourable mentions because I’m low key indecisive oops). I also tried to limit myself to one album per artist, but as you will see, this was not a successful endeavor and there are a number of artists with multiple (deserved) appearances. I’m also going to be completely honest – I know that a lot of these albums aren’t necessarily considered the cream of the crop when it comes to musicality, however every single album on this list is here because I associate them with a memory or important time of my life (or I just saw it performed live and it changed me as a person).

It is important to acknowledge that these are my top albums, and so are very skewed towards my personal music taste, which is most definitely centered around pop music. So you will not see the likes of Kendrick and Kanye in this list – I’m not saying they’re not great musicians, they’re just not my personal cup of tea. That being said, I am always open to new music recommendations, so if there is something missing that you believe I would love, I probably just haven’t heard it, and in that case, please please let me know.

Without further a do, here are my Top 25 (and a few extra) Albums of the 2010s

Honourable Mentions

The Wombats: Beautiful People Will Ruin Your Life (2018)

beautiful people will ruin your life

Look, I do love this album and it does have a lot of great songs (Turn is undeniably the best) – there’s just albums that I love more.

Beyonce: Lemonade (2016)


I’ve never been a huge Beyonce fan (I’m sorry!) but after having to write a piece for uni on this album in particular, I kind of began to understand all the hype. This album is definitely an icon of the 2010s (just not my personal favourite).

 LANY: Make Out EP (2015)

make out

As the first of multiple entries from my ride-or-die band of the decade (according to Spotify I spent 177 hours listening to them this year alone), the only reason this is in the Honourable Mentions and not the actual list is the fact that it is an EP and not a full-length album. This EP gave us (arguably) some of the best music LANY has ever released (Made in Hollywood will never not slap) and it will always have a special place in my heart.

25. Bruno Mars: Unorthodox Jukebox (2012)

unorthodox jukebox

I’ll admit, this is a weird choice for me. But I have distinct memories of this CD playing on repeat in our family car before the days of Bluetooth, and so I may have formed a slight attachment to the familiarity that this album provided. This was also right on the cusp of Bruno’s transition between pop and R&B and perfectly combines the best of both worlds. Natalie and Locked Out of Heaven will always slap tbh.

24. Troye Sivan: Bloom (2018)


Troye has been one of my favourite artists since the YouTube and TRXYE days, and there is no denying that he has matured astronomically as both an artist and a person since those days. The only reason this is only just scraping into the list is the emotional attachment I have to Blue Neighbourhood (it’s time will come I promise) over this album. Also, I wouldn’t have minded waiting a little longer for the album if it meant getting more than the (brilliant) 10 tracks we did get. It felt wrong to not include this album at all, especially after finally seeing it live, and so here we are at 24.

23. Charli XCX: Charli (2019)

charli 2

Charli is easily one of the best songwriters and entertainers on the planet, and her ability to collaborate with literally anyone and still keep her unique sound never fails to astound me. Choosing between this and Pop 2 was difficult, but honestly the fact that Gone ft. Christine and the Queens is one of the best songs of 2019 pushed this baby over the line.

22. Halsey: Badlands (2015)


I like Halsey, I really do. She’s one of those artists that I drift away from but always end up coming back to at some point. For me though, that coming back is always to Badlands. I know that most people prefer Hopeless Fountain Kingdom but I just never got into it. Plus 14-year-old me thought Strange Love was the most relatable shit ever even though my life was NEVER like that.

21. Lizzo: Cuz I Love You (2019)

cuz i love you

Full disclosure: I 100% only jumped on the Lizzo bandwagon this year when she blew up, but boy am I glad I did. The title track of the album is easily one of the best tracks of the decade and her ability to shift between rapping, her stunning vocals and playing the goddamn flute is not something that should have flown under the radar for this long. The only reason this isn’t higher is the fact that I haven’t yet had the chance to emotionally attach myself to the album – it will come.

20. Banks: The Altar (2016)

the altar

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Banks is one of the most criminally underappreciated vocalists of the 21st century. Fuck With Myself was the first song of hers I heard and ooooooh boy, I was a goner. She has such a unique voice and the way she sings about somewhat taboo topics always has me feeling like a bad bitch.

19. Oh Wonder: Oh Wonder (2015)

oh wonder

I remember first hearing Livewire on one of Connor Franta’s Common Culture compilations and being completely stunned by the harmonies. The combination of Anthony and Josephine’s voices is unparalleled and mixed with the synth style of their music, I always feel like I’m in a dream sequence. This is definitely one of those albums that I forget about for a while and then come back to and wonder why it’s been so long between listens.

18. Hozier: Wasteland, Baby! (2019)

wasteland baby

I deliberated over the placing of the next few albums for a long time. Ultimately, the only thing that separates them is my emotional attachment and the memories I associate with each. Hozier is hands down one of the best musicians of the decade and there is no doubt in my mind that he is one of the elusive ‘immortals‘. This album places this high largely due to his unmatched lyrical skill and the song Movement. Special mention to Moment’s Silence (Commoner’s Tongue) which isn’t on this album but was on the 2018 EP Nina Cried Power (I count them as the same era) and deserved better.

17. Florence + The Machine: High As Hope (2018)

high as hope

If Moderation was on this album instead of just being a randomly released single in the middle of tour, this album would 100% be higher. This tour was the first time I was finally able to see Florence live, so I will always have an attachment to this album. I just have more of an attachment to another of her albums (which you will see soon). Having said that, Sky Full of Song and Hunger will always be two of the best songs ever written.

16. The 1975: A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships (2018)

brief inquiry

This was the first The 1975 album release that I was an active fan for, as well as being the first tour I saw them. I have a terrible habit of becoming invested in artists and bands just as their album cycles are ending, and so end up missing their tour – The 1975 is a perfect example of this. I became invested in the middle of the I Like It When You Sleep… era, just after they had toured Australia. But I’m not mad – A Brief Inquiry has the some of the best songs in their discography and getting to experience the anticipation for the first time was pretty great.

15. LANY: Malibu Nights (2018)

malibu nights

What else do you do after a break-up but cut yourself off from the social world and pump out a new album less than a year after the release of your first and then tour the world with 100 shows in 8 months? Because that’s literally what Malibu Nights was. LANY will always be one of the most hardworking bands on the planet and the fan base they have grown is indicative of that. They are the biggest band you’ve never heard of, but not for long (mark my words).

14. Maggie Rogers: Heard It In A Past Life (2019)

heard it in a past life

I honestly had only heard this album a handful of times before a friend convinced me to review her concert at Enmore and boy oh boy am I bloody glad I did. This quickly became one of my favourite albums, both musically and lyrically. She is America’s answer to Florence and the video of them performing Light On together in South London on a full moon is one of the most spiritual and haunting things you will ever see.

13. The 1975: The 1975 (2013)

the 1975

The primary reason for the inclusion of The 1975’s first album on this list is my strongly held belief that this will become one of the classic albums of my generation. There is not a bad song on this album (there are definitely the standouts) and I always find myself listening to it without really meaning to. I don’t care how white girl cliche of me it is, Sex will always be one of my all-time favourite songs (14-year-old me also thought this was the most relatable song ever, but there was actually a bit of truth to it this time).

12. Years & Years: Palo Santo (2018)

palo santo

As far as coherency goes, this is easily one of the most coherent albums of at least the last 5 years. Led by Olly Alexander’s vocals, there is not a bad song on this album, and when paired with the visual element of the Palo Santo short film, which has Alexander play a human used for the entertainment of androids in the fictional world of Palo Santo, the entire concept of the album is made that much stronger. I will always be salty that they never played this album in Australia and I never got to see it live.

11. Hozier: Hozier (2014)


I’ve already spoken about my love for Hozier as a musician, and the fact that his only two albums are present in this list is testament to that. I remember when Take Me To Church first came out and I was still going through my faze of ‘I don’t like popular music because it’s lame’, but then I realised that was dumb because Hozier and this album are both bloody fantastic. It kind of makes me mad that Take Me To Church was the breakout song from this album because while it is a great song, there are so many arguably better songs *cough* To Be Alone and Work Song *cough* that deserved better.

10. The 1975: I like it when you sleep, for you are beautiful yet so unaware of it (2016)


As the highest ranking of the three The 1975 albums, I feel it’s pretty obvious that this is my favourite. The 1975 were my top artist on Spotify in 2016, and a lot of that is due to the release of this album in the same year. Who knows how many times I have played Somebody Else by now (I don’t care how cliche it is, I love that song with my whole heart). This album was definitely more of a pop album than their first, which is probably why I love it so much because I will always be a slut for pop music.

9. Florence + The Machine: How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful (2015)

how big how blue

Sometimes I will briefly forget about this album and then I will come back to it and wonder why I haven’t been listening to it on repeat for my whole life. I feel like Florence is one of those artists who never age, only mature, and this album and High As Hope are testament to that. It still has all the theatricality and madness of the first two albums, but there is an air of wiseness and maturity enveloping the entire record. Also, I held Florence’s hand while she sang What Kind of Man in Sydney and it was one of the most spiritual moments of my life, so this album gets an automatic top 10 on that fact alone.

8. Harry Styles: Harry Styles (2017)

harry styles

The entire reason that it has taken me so long to post this is because I was waiting for Harry’s new album Fine Line to be released before I made my final rankings. And while I do love Fine Line, it could not outdo my love for Mr Styles’s first self-titled album. I was never a One Direction fan because I thought it was lame and now I see how wrong I was because boy am I in love with Harry and his music. From beginning to end, this album is so coherent and is a brilliant piece of work for anyone’s debut album.

7. Montaigne: Complex (2019)


Y’ALL ARE SLEEPING ON MONTAIGNE!!!!!!! Australian music is bigger and better than ever before, and yet Montaigne (somehow) still flies under the radar and I don’t get it???? This entire album from beginning to end is a work of art and Montaigne dares to address topics that most artists would brush aside immediately (I’m talking Stockholm Syndrome and is this all i am good for?). Also, when she toured this album, she played it in order which is something I think more artists should be doing. In conclusion, y’all need to stop sleeping on Montaigne and give her the credit she deserves.

6. Lorde: Pure Heroine (2013)

pure heroine

Similar to Hozier with Take Me To Church, when I first heard Royals I didn’t want to like it because (to be fair) it was being overplayed. But then I eventually realised this was also dumb and I learned to appreciate it for what it was: a damn good song from a bloody talented 17-year-old. And then I also realised that the entire album was incredible and probably listened to it on repeat for days. It kind of shocks me that this album came out so long ago because it still holds up so well. This was the album that soundtracked my early teen years and I will always have a soft spot for it.

5. LANY: LANY (2017)


There is a reason LANY were my Spotify artist of the decade, and that is I love them and everything they do with my whole heart. I honestly don’t know what I love most about this album: the music, the lyrics, the actual band, the fact that this was the first concert I went to solo or all the friends this album and band have brought me. While musically, this isn’t necessarily the best album on this list, the memories and people that this album introduced me to is something I will always be grateful for.

4. Taylor Swift: Red (2012)


I’m not ashamed to say I love Taylor Swift. Fearless was one of the first albums I owned, but I fell off the train a little with Speak Now and came back toward the end of the Red era (I missed the tour again). This album was the perfect stepping stone between country and pop music and clearly shows Taylor’s skill as a songwriter. All Too Well is, I believe, one of the defining songs of the decade. Not gonna lie, I was genuinely shocked that this album came out in 2012 because it still slaps so hard and always will.

3. Arctic Monkeys: AM (2013)


Arctic Monkeys are one of the very few artists on this list that I haven’t seen live and I am still SO mad at myself for not going when they toured earlier this year. I know it kind of became a white, Tumblr girl cliche to like this album, but I 100% unironically love this album and I’m not ashamed to say that. This is one of the sexiest albums ever made to date, and yet it manages to do what all other ‘sex’ albums can’t: it doesn’t objectify women! Plus Alex Turner’s voice is just super hot tbh.

2. Troye Sivan: Blue Neighbourhood (2015)

blue neighbourhood

Watching Troye turn into a fully fledged pop star has been incredible, but this will always remain one of my favourite albums. This album came out at a time when I was struggling with and discovering my own personal identity and sexuality, so seeing a gay, Australian musician who I already idolised achieve such great success was life-changing. I can’t pick a favourite song on this album because they all have their own unique meaning to me personally, but I did literally sob the last time I heard Heaven live, so that’s probably saying something.

1. Lorde: Melodrama (2017)


I don’t think I can sum up in words how much I love this album and everything it means to me. Green Light and Liability came out at the beginning of my final year of school and then the album was released the day after my 18th birthday, so it was inevitable that I would fall in love with everything about it. Where Pure Heroine soundtracked my early teens, Melodrama soundtracked my late teens: my final year of school and the transition to university. Now I’m just waiting for Lorde to tell me when I can progress to the next stage.


A lot has changed in the music world over the last 10 years, but I think these 25 defining albums prove that it was a decade like no other. Here’s to the next 10 years and more great music from these and so many other artists.

Catch ya on the flip side,

Jess x

Making – The End…?

Despite what the title of this post may say, no this is not the end of Just Jess OR Just Music. It is however the end of BCM114, which means I need to reflect on my process, what I have learnt and where I intend to go from here. So here we go…

I’ve already spoken about some of the setbacks I have experienced throughout the duration of this project in my prototyping blog, so instead I want to use this post to talk about what I have learnt, both about myself and my own limitations and about media and what it takes to create content in a digitally saturated world.

Despite what other people might tell you (including everyone who tells you that a media degree ‘isn’t real’) creating engaging content regularly is HARD. After completing BCM112 in Semester 1 (with a somewhat failed DA), I went into BCM114 knowing that establishing and maintaining a Digital Artefact could be difficult, but I assumed that if I changed my topic and platform to something I enjoyed and understood more, it would be easier. Boy was I wrong.

In creating ‘Just Music’, I expected to be able to easily create content on (semi) regular basis because I was writing about something to close to my heart. While this may have lasted for a few weeks, the reality is that no matter how much you may think you will enjoy something, when it comes to actually doing it, it’s not as easy.

In terms of my own limitations, I think maintaining this DA has taught me that I need to consider other things going on in my life before I make a commitment to a work load. When I started the blog, I said I was going to make weekly posts on a Friday along with other posts when relevant things happened in the music industry. I quickly realised that saying you’ll do something and actually finding the time to do it are two completely different things and sometimes life just gets in the way. While I realise it’s important to maintain somewhat of a regular posting schedule, it’s also important to look after yourself and make sure you don’t commit to more than what you’re physically capable of.

Working in media isn’t something I’ve wanted to since I was a kid, like some people. This ‘dream’ has only developed in the last 2 years or so, and after (almost) completing my first year of the degree, I think I can safely say that I have made the right decision. I think I have learnt that while many people look at what people do in media and call it easy, it’s far from it and only with practice will it start to come easy to me. This year is only the start of the journey and I’m excited for where it’s headed.

So where to from here? I want to keep up Just Music, but for now, I’m not commit myself to a rigorous posting schedule. I’m going to write when I want to write and when inspiration strikes. If that’s once every three weeks, then so be it. Obviously, in the future I will more than likely (try) get back to a regular schedule, but for now I’m comfortable with posting when possible. Having said that, if anyone has any suggestions of any music related topics I should write about, let me know.

I guess that’s it for BCM114.

Catch ya next year?

Jess x


Prototyping – Singles and Albums and Artists, Oh My!

For me, two of the hardest things for me to maintain whenever I start a new project, have always been time management and maintaining motivation. Looking into the future, it’s easy to say you can do something, but actually doing it is a whole other story. Unfortunately, this has kind of been the case with my Just Music blog.

Don’t get me wrong! I’m still writing and posting music related blogs, just not as regularly as I would like to be. And this entirely comes back to my time management skills and personal motivation. But I have thought about this a lot, and I have come up with some ways that I can rectify these (and some other minute) issues that I have encountered. I am also 100% open to suggestions, so if after reading this you think “Hey, I know how Jess can motivate herself”, PLEASE let me know.

The pile just keeps piling up

The problem with university is that, generally, subjects don’t really interact with each other. This means that more often than not, you end up with 3 assignments, 2 presentations and an exam all in the one week. Add writing weekly blog posts to the mix, and the pile of work seems to be never ending. Time management has never really been my strong suit, but it becomes increasingly obvious just how much I suck at it when weeks like this happen. In terms of Just Music, this has mainly affected my intention of posting weekly ‘New Music Friday’ posts. Restricting myself to  posting on a Friday was my first issue; assignments are always due at the end of the week, so if I’m not rushing to finish an assignment, I’m probably driving home, meaning I lose basically all of my Friday. This makes it really difficult to write a blog post about the new music that has come out that day, considering music is not released until at least midnight, sometimes even later. I’ve decided that in order to rectify this problem, I need to not restrict myself to posting on a Friday, and potentially open it up to posting anytime over the weekend. While not ideal in terms of getting content out as soon after a release as possible, it’s the only real way I can commit to weekly content with my current schedule. I think it’s easy to say that my plan for ‘New Music Friday’s’ was definitely a case of Fail Early, Fail Often, but now that I have identified this, I can work on figuring out a way that works best for me. This part of my process definitely involves a fair amount of breaking; I need to essentially break what I have already created, take out the aspects that worked, and put them back together in a way that works better than the original.


Motivation, where you at?

When it comes to projects, I am always either SUPER motivated or completely disinterested, there is no in between. Writing for Just Music, I have at times found myself with zero motivation to write a post, mainly when it comes to my ‘New Music Friday’ posts. Personally, I think this is because I am not always interested by the content that is released in a particular week. Some weeks, there is more new release music than others, this is just a fact. The issue arises when the new music isn’t by an artist that I usually listen to or of a genre that I like. This actually arises a few issues; it is a LOT easier to write a review of an artist if you have somewhat of a knowledge of their background, their audience and their older music and the same goes for genres. This isn’t really an issue that I can fix through feedback loops, it entirely comes back to me having inspiration and finding the motivation to actually write the posts. Another issue with this is the fact that the music industry is not regular; events such as festivals, concerts and interviews are not something that happen weekly or on a regular schedule. This makes it difficult to formulate a regular posting schedule, as I can’t always predict what content I am going to be able to write about in a particular week. Unfortunately, there isn’t really a way I can overcome this, I just have to try and stay on top of new content and write and publish posts as quickly as possible.


Engaging Engagement

You may not have realised, but I have also created an Instagram account to promote and direct traffic towards this blog. While the aesthetic of an Instagram account is incredibly pleasing, there a few issues when it comes to actually directing the traffic. It’s not possible to include links in an Instagram caption, which means that I have to then direct readers from the original post in the news feed to my actual profile, where the link is then in my bio. The problem with this is, people like to mindlessly double tap on Instagram posts, but very rarely do they actually go any further. To rectify this, I want to start posting more regularly so that my account becomes a regular presence in both my followers feeds and in the hashtags. Another issue I have encountered is that while I am getting a decent amount of likes, people aren’t actually following me. This also makes it difficult to use the Instagram Story feature, as I don’t actually have that big of a dedicated following who have access to what I post. Going forward with this in mind, I would like to focus more on the blog aspect of my DA, building that up and regularly creating content, before focusing too much on the social media presence. When I do eventually start to focus on the social media aspect, I will need to experiment with

It’s not all bad…

Despite the setbacks I have encountered, it’s not all bad news. Following my original pitch, I was approached by ‘Volume Media‘ and asked to review concerts and events. While I haven’t written any reviews yet, we have a few in the works and they will hopefully be coming soon!

So while there has been a little bit of a lull in content, I am working on breaking and remaking the way I produce content to better interact with my audience. Just Music isn’t going anywhere and the only way is up!

Catch ya on the flip side,

Jess x

A How To Guide to Choosing a NYE Festival Experience

It’s once again that time of year where festival punters are forced to make the difficult decision of where to spend their New Year’s. With line ups dropping left right and centre, and tickets on sale to all festivals, it can be difficult to make a (quick) decision about where you and your crew will celebrate the New Year.

Falls Festival 

When: December 28 2018 – January 6 2019 (in different locations across the country)

Where: Lorne, Victoria, Marion Bay, Tasmania, Byron Bay, New South Wales and Fremantle, Western Australia

The Line up: Falls has brought together some of the biggest artists from the present day and decades past to create a line up that should have something to please everyone. Headliners come in the form of Anderson .Paak and the Free Nationals, British rockers Catfish and the Bottlemen (playing their only Australian show) and Australia’s own Vance Joy. One of the biggest surprises of this years line up is easily American Rockers Toto, who have become popular again in recent years off the back of their hit ‘Africa’ which has become somewhat of a meme song online. There are a lot of acts on the bill who also performed at Splendour in the Grass this year, including Scotland’s Chvrches , Mallrat, Amy Shark (who are all also playing Field Day), Hilltop Hoods, Cub Sport, Ocean Alley, Jack River and Soccer Mommy. Other Australian festival favourites filling the bill include rapper Tkay Maizda and Britain’s Bishop Briggs. There are also a number of up and coming acts who will be playing their first major Australian festival, including 15-year-old Ruel and Odette, who released her debut album earlier in the year.

The Crowd: Falls is the longest running, and arguably, most popular NYE music festival in Australia. It’s widespread locations makes it accessible for basically everyone, whether you’re on the east or west coast or central Australia. Many people have criticised this years line up, making comments along the lines of “Where are the headliners?”, but these comments aren’t likely to have much of an impact on the crowds, with Lorne already sold out. Falls attracts a very similar audience to Splendour in the Grass, which isn’t surprising considering their both in partnership with Triple J and share a lot of smaller Australian and International acts across line ups. If you listen to Triple J and like the glitz and glamour and music festivals, Falls is for you.

Cost: Ticket prices vary dependent on your location, with the cheapest ticket being a one day pass for Fremantle, which is $149 + BF and the most expensive being a ‘Gimme Shelter’ ticket for Marion Bay at $409 + BF, which gives the holder a 3 day event ticket and access to a 2 man tent to share with another ticket holder. 3 day tickets for all locations (except Fremantle) are $349 + BF (does not include camping). Camping tickets can be bought from $109 + BF.

Tickets on Sale: Thursday 6 September 9am (Local times based on festival location) (NOW)

Beyond the Valley

When: December 28 2018 – January 1 2019

Where: Lardner Park, Victoria (approximately 2 hours east of Melbourne)

The Line up: This years line up is stacked with Australian heavyweights, including Tash Sultana and PNAU billed as headliners, as well as British favourites The Kooks, Bonobo and Duke Dumont also joining as headliners. Other acts on the bill include Ball Park Music, The Jungle Giants, DZ Deathrays, Alex Lahey and Safia, all of whom have just performed massive sets at Splendour in the Grass. Other Australian favourites who are sure to bring their own personal flair to the stage include Nicole Millar, who is still riding the high of the release of her debut album in June, Client Liason, who have just come off the back of their own festival, Expo Liaison and Vera Blue who is currently touring around Europe.

The Crowd: There is literally something for everyone when it comes to music at this festival. Whether you’re into indie rock, electronic dance or pop music, you can be sure to find your ‘people’ amongst the crowd. However this line up definitely has more of a ‘rock’ centric line up than the other festivals, so the crowd is likely to boast a heavier rock following, so if your a rock music fan, this is the place to be. BTV presents itself as a ’boutique’ music festival, bringing together world class acts from here and overseas. Being only a relatively new festival, only beginning in 2014, it’s safe to say that it hasn’t yet accumulated the cult following of other NYE festivals, however stacked line ups in the last few years have begun to change that and 2018’s line up is sure to draw a sold out crowd. 

Cost: A four day ticket will set you back $490 + BF, a three day $390 + BF, two day  $330 +BF and a one day NYE pass $180 + BF (all tickets include a general camping pass from the 28/12, 29/12, 30/12 and 31/12)

Tickets on Sale: Thursday 30 August 12pm AEST (NOW)

Field Day

When: January 1 2019

Where: The Domain, Sydney (NSW)

The Line up: Field Day has pulled together a huge line up for its one day bill, bringing together the best of rap, pop and EDM that is sure to sell out The Domain. Big names in the rap industry, Cardi B and trio Migos, have both listed as ‘east coast exclusives’, and they are joined by other big names including Duke Dumont, Bonobo (who are both also playing BTV and Origin Fields), Chvrches, Rufus Du Sol and Amy Shark, who all bring a variety of genres to the stage. Closer to home, Brisbane’s own rapper Mallrat will make her Field Day debut, which will be following appearances at Splendour in the Grass, Yours & Owls and Groovin’ the Moo, as well as Sydney duo Flight Facilities who are currently touring the country off the back of their latest single ‘All Your Love’. Other highlights of the line up include Britain’s Bishop Briggs and Australian producer Alive Ivy.

The Crowd: Being only a one day festival in amongst the sea of festivals over the New Year’s period, Field Day is the perfect festival for a first-time festival goer or for those who actually want to remember their NYE. Because of this, it is likely to draw a much younger crowd that have less money to spend and so are forced to settle for a one day festival experience. Having said that, the heavy rap influenced line up is sure to draw a particular kind of crowd, so if you’re more into pop or indie music, it might be best to have a look at other festivals like BTV or Falls

Cost: First release tickets (which all sold out in the presale) $162 + BF, second release $172 + BF and third release $182 + BF, while a VIP ticket (which comes with some pretty cool benefits) will set you back $257 + BF

Tickets on Sale: Thursday 30 August 12pm AEST (NOW)

Lost Paradise

When: December 28 2018 – January 1 2019

Where: Glenworth Valley, New South Wales (about an hour north of Sydney)

The Line up: This years headliners come in the form of The Kooks, Tash Sultana (who are both also making appearances at BTV and Origin Fields), American rapper Joey Bada$$ and British rapper M.I.A. Australian favourites PNAU, Dune Rats, Ball Park Music, who all performed smashing sets at Splendour in the Grass earlier this year, have a high place on the bill, along with other favourites, Vera Blue and Winston Surfshirt. With 3 stages of music but only one really showcasing live music, the line up of artists performing DJ sets is extensive. Top billed DJs include Bicep, Kink, Flava D and Loods. Lost Paradise is also more than just a music festival, with ‘experiences’ including yoga, informative talks and workshops in everything from magic to belly dancing.

The Crowd: Lost Paradise is definitely a festival for the EDM lovers, with 2 stages primarily dedicated to dance and electronic music. If you prefer live bands, solo singers and stage diving rockers, Lost Paradise isn’t the festival for you (have a look at BTV or Falls instead!). Having said that, the wide range of experiences available over the weekend, including yoga (of literally every variety – even laughter), dance workshops and psychics provide even the most introverted of festival attendees with something to fill their days.

Cost: 4-Day second release tickets, including camping (first release have sold out) will set you back $399 + BF. If you miss out on second release, a third release is $419 + BF.

Tickets on Sale: NOW

Origin Fields

When: December 30 – 31 2018

Where: Langley Park, Perth (WA)

The Line up: Given its somewhat remote location, this line up is packed. Being the first NYE festival to drop its line up, it set the bar, and it set it high. After 11 years as one-day ‘Origin NYE’, the change of location and the extension over two days has allowed the festival to grow and to bring in more big name international artists. The bill is headed by rap superstars Cardi B, who has been hurled into stardom over the last 12 months and Migos (who are both also playing Field Day as their only other Australian appearance), Canadian crooner Khalid, who made his Splendour in the Grass debut earlier in the year, Duke Dumont and Bonobo, who both have their New Years calendars booked with appearances at BTV and Field Day and Australian favourite Tash Sultana, who has been celebrating immense international success and will no doubt be riding the high of the release of her debut album in August. Other acts who will be spending their New Years in Perth include Australian veterans PNAU, British rockers The Kooks, producer Hayden James, Canberra’s Safia and Australian rockers Pendulum.

The Crowd: Origin Fields obviously has the disadvantage of its location, however the strength of its line up is sure to attract a sold out crowd. Sharing a lot of its line up with Sydney’s Field Day means that it is likely to attract a similar crowd demographic, albeit a bit older who have a bit more ‘life’ experience and are willing to make the trek to Perth (and the money to do so), and the festival is sure to be a hit with locals. It is likely that attending Origin Fields may come down to accessibility, with much of the crowd likely to come from the west of Australia.

Cost: A two day pass is $319 + BF, a VIP two day pass jumps to $399 + BF and a Platinum Experience two day pass will set you back a whopping $799 +BF (which includes catering, inclusive alcohol, a merchandise gift and complimentary WiFi)

Tickets on Sale: NOW

Now go! It’s time to choose your place of residence for this NYE. But be quick, tickets to all festivals are selling fast and will sell out.

Catch ya on the flip side,

Jess x






Ideating – The Birth of ‘Just Music’

You might be wondering why all of a sudden I have started posting (somewhat regularly) about music? Well, the answer to that is simple. I have decided to create a ‘side blog’ about music from my usual media blog for my Digital Artefact (or DA). 

Why a music blog?

After completing BCM112 last semester, it was clear to me that I would not be continuing my (failed) DA that I began in that class. This is for a few reasons; 1. I was not able to create the content that I originally intended because of time constraints, equipment access and just my own motivation, 2. It was difficult to create an audience (I didn’t realise how niche of an audience musical theatre generated) and 3. I just completely lost interest in it.

From this realisation, I knew that I had to create something new, and quickly too. Music has always been something close to my heart, and is also the area of journalism and media that I would one day love to get into. Over the semester break I published a blog post about my 5 favourite albums, and I was able to generate some interest in that, so decided it was worth the risk of attempting to continue tapping into this audience for my DA. And thus ‘Just Music’ was born.

What’s been happening so far?

So far, I have published 5 posts under the overarching title of “Just Music”, and all have them have generated pleasing feedback given the beginning nature of the blog. After posting The Most Splendid of Splendour“, one of the bands reviewed, Cub Sport, reposted the article on their personal Instagram story, cubbies.jpg

which definitely helped to draw audience to that post in particular and therefore the blog overall. Other blog posts have also drawn feedback which is helping to develop my writing style and ways of promoting the blog.

Why does this work?

This DA ticks all the boxes that my failed one from last semester didn’t, namely those of FEFO (Fail Early, Fail Often) and FIST (Fast, Inexpensive, Simple, Tiny). With my DA last semester, I was initially scared to put out content, meaning that I didn’t actually put out any content for public access until the later weeks of the semester. This definitely did not follow the idea of FEFO; I was too scared to fail in the first place, so I didn’t even get the opportunity to do it early. With this DA, I have been attempting to put out content on a regular basis, more so for the purpose of bettering my own skills rather than being successful. In terms of FIST, I 100% overestimated my abilities (and my bank account)with my ambitions last semester, meaning that it didn’t fit any of the ideals of FIST. By changing to “Just Music” I can now follow these ideals; writing blog posts on a topic I love can be done super fast, the blog is free to run and maintain, when you’re writing about something you love, it’s easy and blog posts don’t have to be long, which also contributes to the ‘fast’ factor. On top of all of this, by keeping all of my writing together, both on music and media, I am able to create a sort of portfolio of work, which I will be able to keep together and use in future years when looking for employment.

What’s Next?

In terms of blogging regularly, my plan is to post weekly ‘New Music Friday’ posts, showcasing new music released that week and ‘Monthly Musical Moments’ posts, showcasing all the big music moments across the month as well as reviews and profiles of any other music, artists or events in the music industry that capture my interest. As well as this, I am going to begin writing for media website ‘Volume Media‘ as a way of bettering my skills and growing my presence across the industry (stay tuned for that). This is only the beginning of Just Music!

Catch ya on the flip side,

Jess x


New Music Friday – 17/8/18

It has been a BIG week in terms of new releases, with collaborations, highly anticipated albums and unexpected single drops aplenty.

Ariana Grande unleashes her fourth ‘baby’ on the world

It has easily been one of, if not the most anticipated pop album to be released this year. After the release of ‘no tears left to cry’ all the way back in April, Grande’s fans, or Arianators, have been hyping up the album to anyone who will listen. The three singles released prior to the album highlighted the vast style range that Grande was clearly going for in this album, with each song showcasing her skills as an artist across genres. With the release of the whole album, it’s clear that Grande’s sound is starting to progress down a more R&B influenced avenue, most clearly evidenced by production credits from the likes of Pharrell Williams. Given this small change in genre direction, one thing continues to shine throughout the record; Ariana’s pitch perfect vocals. The harmonies in ‘raindrops (an angel cried)’ and ‘pete davidson’ are testament to Grande’s skill and power as a vocalist, something which she has been developing since her beginnings on Broadway and Nickelodeon. Now that the album has been released, her fans will move to hyping up her tour, which has been pegged to begin early next year, and will no doubt be a stellar showcase of the pop princess’s vocal ability and stage presence.

Sounds like: the love child of Celine Dion, Mariah Carey and Missy Elliot (funnily enough, she even features on a track, ‘borderline’!)

Listen to when: getting ready for a girls’ night out

Highlights: ‘breathin’, ‘successful’ and ‘get well soon’

The 1975 continue their ‘attack’ of the digital age

Announced only a week before its release, The 1975’s latest single “TOOTIMETOOTIMETOOTIME” dropped on Thursday as the Zane Lowe’s Beats 1 World Record. This track steers away from what many have come to consider as the typical The 1975 sound, with lead singer Matt Healy saying in an interview that he objectively listens to it as “not necessarily a ’75 song“. When listening to it, this opinion becomes clear; apart from Healy’s distinctive voice and the social utility of the lyrics which has become so indicative of The 1975’s music, the overall style of the single is definitely more ‘boppy’ and upbeat than a lot of their music. The lyrics analyse the affect of the digital age on relationships, specifically when it comes to ‘two-timing’ your significant other. While the actual song may not necessarily fit into what many have come to expect of the band, it is definitely an indication of the direction that their forthcoming album is headed, and by all accounts, its a positive direction.

Sounds like: The Wombats x Arctic Monkeys x Chvrches (on steroids)

Listen to when: social media is getting you down and you just wanna say “f- you” to it all and have a dance

Calvin Harris drops another surprise collaboration

Following the incredible success of Calvin Harris’s collaboration with Dua Lipa, ‘One Kiss’, Harris has come out with new single ‘Promises’ with the help of first time collaborator, Sam Smith. The track highlights what we’ve come to expect of Smith, in the form of his silky smooth vocals, soaring range and soulful vibes. Smith is no stranger to collaborations, having previously joined forces with the likes of Disclosure and Naughty Boy, however Harris’s signature style has done nothing but bring focus to Smith’s voice in the best way. The poppy, dance track is sure to become a regular on airways, especially in Australia as we move into the summer cycle.

Sounds like: Summer. That sums it up basically.

Listen to when: You’ve had a few drinks and are ready to start dancing

That’s all for this week

Catch ya on the flip side,

Jess x

New Music Friday – 10/8/18

Only two weeks in with plenty more new music to come in the coming weeks, August is already proving itself to be a month for the pop music fans.

Troye Sivan’s “Animal”-istic tendencies are on full show

With his highly anticipated second album “Bloom” only 3 weeks away, Troye Sivan has released the final single from the album before its actual release. Animal has everything the previous offerings from the album do not; it is a four and a half minute, 80s inspired, pop ballad, love song, filled with pulsing synths and declarations of love, very different from the ‘textbook perfect’ three and a half minute pop songs already released. In an interview with Vice, Sivan said that he wanted to break away from the typical mould of a pop song, with the end result being “Animal”. By all accounts so far, the feedback on the song, particularly on Twitter, has been overwhelmingly positive (as is generally the case when it comes to Troye’s fanbase). It’s safe to say that hype for “Bloom” has never been higher than at this point. It’ll be a long 3 weeks waiting for its release for Troye’s fanbase.

Sounds like: 80s synth pop ballads, think “Total Eclipse of the Heart” and “Time After Time”

Listen to when: you’re in love

Broods are feeling “Peach”-y 

Two years after the release of their last album “Conscious”, brother-sister duo Caleb and Georgia Nott have finally released their comeback single in “Peach”, a back-and-forth, feel good, pop whirlwind. Earlier this year, both halves of the New Zealand duo released solo projects (initially on the same day), with Georgia’s being a all-female collaboration entitled “The Venus Project”, which was born out of the realisation that she was always “the only girl in the room” when making music. Caleb’s solo endeavour “Fuzzy Milk” came from having a lot of spare time whilst Georgia was off doing her own thing. Both have now come back together as the process of their third album, scheduled for release in 2019, takes off, with this first single being the starting block.

Sounds like: Marina and the Diamonds and Charli XCX had a love child who really loves peaches

Listen to when: you’re feeling down and need a reminder that everything will be fine

Catch ya on the flip side,

Jess x





July Musical Moments

When looking back on all the important times in my life, one thing that remains a constant is the importance of music. Whether it be as new music released at the time, important throwback songs that just ‘felt right’ at that point in time or significant events in the music world, music and the people who make it can trigger memories, emotions and reactions. Sometimes these ‘musical moments’ can get lost or forgotten; enter ‘Monthly Musical Moments’, a recap of each month through the music that created its soundtrack.

A One Way Ticket to ‘Palo Santo’ please

After bursting into the music industry with their 2015 debut album ‘Communion’, Years & Years have sought to go one better through the creation of the fictional world of ‘Palo Santo’ which forms the basis of their new album of the same name. Described as a concept album, every song is co-written by lead singer Olly Alexander, with most of them drawing on his personal experiences with relationships, religion and his sexuality. After becoming somewhat of an LGBTQ+ icon after the release of their first album, Alexander has taken this status in his stride and created a coherent world and album that perfectly captures his own experiences as a gay man and allows others to draw on and learn from these experiences. It truly is an album with everything; from the pulsing beat and accusatory lyrics of lead single Sanctify‘, to the brooding, latin-esque Rendevousto the emotional pop-like ballad ‘Hypnotised‘, Alexander’s silky smooth vocals take listeners on a journey through Palo Santo, especially when accompanied by the short film of the same name released along with the album. Honestly, just do yourself a favour and jump on the ‘Palo Santo’ train ASAP. 

God is a Woman’ and her name is Ariana Grande

Never let it be said that Ariana Grande is not one to hype up the release of new music. After a two year break following the release of her last album ‘Dangerous Woman‘, the excitement surrounding the release of new Ariana music is higher than ever, most of which is fuelled by the woman herself. Grande has been tweeting and posting tiny references to each of the songs on her upcoming album, particularly the lead single No Tears Left to Cry‘ and her latest offering God is a Woman‘. Released only a month out from the release of her next album God is a Woman‘, often shortened to ‘GIAW’, is all about female empowerment and shattering the glass ceiling, both metaphorically and physically (Check out the music video here). Grande’s powerful vocals hit home as she laments about ‘telling you the way I like it, how I want it’ in terms of women taking control of their own desires in a society that tells them not to. As well as already cementing its place as one of the great empowerment anthems of 2018, GIAW only generates further excitement around the release of the album from which its taken, Sweetener‘, to be released in the coming weeks.

You should see Billie Eilish in a crown

The 16-year-old pocket dynamo from Los Angeles continues to make music with a maturity years beyond her physical age. With the release of her latest moody offering, you should see me in a crown‘ (which is the first single from her highly anticipated debut album), Eilish’s self-assurance as a musician continues to grow. In an industry that has become increasingly more about beats and melody, Eilish proves that the lyrics of a song will always be integral to its success and lasting impact. As far as the future of pop music goes, as long as it is in the hands of artists such as Billie, the future looks incredibly bright.

Modernity isn’t failing The 1975

Following the June release of their first single in two years, Give Yourself a Try‘,  the social anthem ‘Love It If We Made It’ continues to create hype surrounding the upcoming release of The 1975’s very highly anticipated third album. What makes The 1975 (led by chief lyricist and lead singer Matt Healy) stand out is the fact that they are not afraid to tackle the social and political issues that many musicians avoid, often reflecting the current climate in their music. The latest single is no exception, with lyrics referencing quotes from Donald Trump and current issues such as brutality against African Americans, cementing the song as one which will continue to have social utility for years to come. With  their next album, A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships slated for release in October, the social evolution of The 1975’s sound is nowhere near complete and we’re all in for a treat.

Splendour in the Grass continues to make its mark

As any Australian who listens to Triple J knows, Splendour in the Grass is the highlight of the yearly music calendar. With tickets becoming increasingly more sought after year after year, those who manage to obtain a ticket are amongst a group of elite who aren’t afraid to brave the horrors of the Moshtix green room. This demand becomes even higher when presented with a lineup that includes rap god Kendrick Lamar, pop princess Lorde and a collection of Australia’s finest musical exports to emerge in the last few years. With a weekend filled with highlights (read more about my top 5 acts of the weekend here), for many, the countdown has no doubt already begun for next year’s festival.

That’s all for July,

Catch ya on the flip side

Jess x



The Most Splendid of Splendour

The golden weekend on Australia’s festival calendar has come and gone for another year. That’s right, Splendour in the Grass has once again lit up the North Byron Parklands in the best way possible. There was glitter, there was rainbows, there was (arguably too much) skin and most importantly, there was music. Not just music, but fantastic live music played by some incredible Australian and International acts that really brought their all and absolutely killed it in every aspect. So without further ado, here are my 5 favourite acts that I was lucky enough to catch over the weekend.

5. The Jungle Giants

At first I wasn’t sure if I would be able to get to The Jungle Giants set because of clashes on other stages with other acts I wanted to see, but boy am I glad I did. They drew easily the largest crowd I saw in the GW McLennan tent all weekend, and being in the centre of it was definitely an experience. This set was the closest I got to being in a mosh pit all weekend, but what made it so great was the fact that everyone was just there to have a good time and jam out to some awesome live music. Even in the centre of the mosh, people were nice and looking out for everyone around them. On top of this, as a band, they were just genuinely happy to be playing so high up on the bill for such a grateful audience. And of course, the music was pretty bloody great too.

4. The Wombats

I like The Wombats but I wouldn’t really call myself a fan. However, after their Sunday night set, I would very much like to change that. They really brought the whole show; they had the moves, they had the visuals and most importantly the definitely had the sound. Honestly, if you were to take away the huge crowd, it would sound just like a CD being played to you, but better (obviously). Again, they were also genuinely happy and grateful to be playing the festival, something which I think can be lost on international acts such as them, but they did not give their set anything less than they’re best. no doubt picking up a few new fans along the way.

3. Mallrat

I was super keen for this set, and all of my expectations were exceeded. You know a set is going to be good when she takes her jacket off after one song because it was getting too hot from dancing and then brings out 3 drag queens as dancers 3 songs in. Honestly, you would be hard pressed to find a fault in this whole set. Again, I was fairly close to the mosh for this set, and everyone was just having so much fun because Mallrat was having her own fun on stage, that it was impossible to not join in. The whole tent was jumping for the entire 45 minute set, something which I think is an exciting indication of what is to come in the future of Mallrat.

2. Cub Sport

After witnessing Cub Sport’s set on Friday night, there is no doubt in my mind that they should be given an ARIA IMMEDIATELY. Cub Sport was always an act that I was excited to see, but their performance superseded all of my expectations in the best way possible. Tim Nelson looked like a literal god when he first entered the stage, and he held the audience in the palm of his hand for the entirety of the 45 minute set. Every single song had its only little surprises which were gratefully accepted by the audience. The finale song of ‘Come On Mess Me Up‘ was a moment which I believe will be talked about for years by every one present.

1. Lorde

I’m gonna be honest. Lorde’s headlining set was one of the primary reasons why I wanted to go to Splendour in the first place. And my lord(e) she did not disappoint. In her opening speech, she spoke about how the Friday night of Splendour is traditionally a very ‘dancy’ night. And let me tell you, both the ‘mosh’ and Lorde and her dancers danced their hearts out for the entirety of her hour fifteen set. Her set had everything; she played a lot of songs from both her newest album Melodrama and her first album Pure Heroine (including some lesser known surprises like ‘Ribs’ and ‘Hard Feelings’), she had the audience dancing in ‘Homemade Dynamite’ and ‘Green Light’, crying in ‘Liability’ and was joined by a choir of 30 000 people with their arms around each other for a rendition of Powderfinger’s ‘My Happiness’ (which was arguably one of the highlights of the weekend). Lorde proved once and for all that in a male and rock music dominated industry, there will always be room for a pop princess on the stages of festivals.

Well there you have it, my recap of Splendour in the Grass 2018 in 5 acts. For a playlist including some of the top songs from these artists, listen below

Catch ya on the flip side,

Jess x

My Top 5 Albums Ever (So Far)

Now that semester 1 is done, I want to talk about something that means a LOT to me for just a second. Music. Specifically my favourite music. Cue a totally unnecessary explanation behind my love for my top 5 favourite albums ever (so far). 

(All opinions expressed are my own, please don’t feel the need to agree if you don’t)

5. Harry Styles  by Harry Styles

See the source image

I was never a One Direction fan. I was always that girl that thought it was ‘cool’ to not like One Direction simply because literally everyone else was crazy about them. However, I now realise that this opinion was somewhat misguided and I accept that yes, some of their music was actually good (if you looked past the whole boy band-ness of it all). This discovery somewhat started with the realisation that Harry Styles is seriously talented. His debut album released in May 2017 became pretty much all I listened to for at least a month. Each song from start to finish is different musically but they still somehow manage to form a totally cohesive album that tells a whole story from start to finish, despite all being seemingly inrelated. It has the perfect balance of emotional ballads, unapologetic pop bops and moody angst. Harry nailed the transition from boy band heartthrob to brooding musical genius and I’m excited to stick around for what’s to come.

4. Dua Lipa by Dua Lipa

Image result for dua lipa album cover

Honestly, the best way to describe Dua Lipa’s debut album is bops on bops on bops. As she is still widely considered a ‘breakthrough artist’ (although she is quickly becoming a household name across the world) she had nothing to lose in the release of this album and it shows, in a good way of course. She doesn’t have a generically ‘pretty’ voice as most music on the radio does, she has a voice with guts and she owns it and uses it in a way that not many people in music would be able to. Her song ‘New Rules’ quickly became one of the ‘songs of the summer’ as well as becoming an anthem for girls across the world, with parodies and memes of the song and music video flooding social media. There really is a song on the album for every emotion; when you want to dance, when you want to cry and when you want to scream. I think my love for this album also lies in the fact that as an artist, she is just completely honest and relatable, a rarity in the digital age of music. I also like to find comfort in the fact that she has shown that it is possible for a female artist to make it to the top without the ‘traditional’ feminine sound.

3. Blue Neighbourhood by Troye Sivan

Image result for blue neighbourhood album cover

This album is a little more personal to me than the previous mentioned. I have been following Troye’s rise since 2014, watching his growth from YouTube vlogger to the newest unofficial Australian prince of pop, so I think its fair to say that as an artist, I feel a much more personal connection to Troye than any others on this list. I think being aware of just how much this album meant to him made it mean that much more to not only me, but his entire audience that have followed his unconventional career rise. This album ‘helped’ me through a super stressful time and just being able to always have it to come back to when life was a bit much was super comforting. Honestly, there’s not a lot more I can say that can fully describe my personal love for and connection to this album, but there will always be a special place in my heart for Troye Sivan.

2. AM by Arctic Monkeys

Image result for AM album cover

Somehow, this album manages to be popular among teenagers and adults alike whilst still having an undeniable air of maturity that my other favourite albums just don’t seem to have. Obviously, Arctic Monkeys have been around the music industry a lot longer than the other artists, but I think this gap should be mostly credited to the lyrical genius of Alex Turner. Every song on this album from start to finish is undeniably sexy in a weird way that is quite hard to explain to somehow who hasn’t heard the album. It’s almost a ‘you have to see (hear) it to believe it’ kind of album, which I think is really special because it differs it from most of the music on the radio today. Also, this album is just really really good to put on before a night out (or anytime really) if you want to make a moody vibe that somehow makes you feel good about yourself? I don’t really know how to explain it, just go listen.

1. Melodrama by Lorde

Image result for melodrama album cover

I believe you’ve found your ‘ultimate album’ when you can listen to it from start to finish countless times without ever skipping a single song. For me, this album is without a doubt Melodrama, the second offering of musical genius from Lorde. Again, I was kind of late to the Lorde party, only really becoming a ‘fan’ around the time of the release of the of the Mockingjay Part 1 soundtrack, almost two years after the release of her debut album Pure Heroine. This did not dull my excitement however when the New Zealand pop princess started making hints at her return in early 2017, and her first offerings of ‘Green Light’ and ‘Liability’ did not disappoint in the slightest. In fact, ‘Liability’ quickly became one of my favourite songs of all time which still never fails to make me feel every emotion at once, even a year on from its release. The cohesion of the whole album is also something that never ceases to amaze me, particularly the transition from ‘Supercut’ to ‘Liability (Reprise)’ wherein it is almost impossible to tell where one song ends and the other begins, the flow is that seamless. Honestly, I could ramble on about my love for Ella Yelich-O’Connor and her music forever, but I think I’ll save that for it’s own post. I’ll just leave you with one suggestion; do yourself a favour and go listen to Melodrama from start to finish, no distractions, and just feel. 

Catch ya on the flip side,

Jess x

(Listen to a collection of my favourite songs from these albums below)